Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

If this year is anything like last year we should have about 200 kids at our door. I'm sure Meadow, Cinnamon and Bambi will be thumping, as the door and front porch is right by their room.

Happy Halloween from me and JT:

Thanks all for your kind words about Buddy. I'm still pretty heart broken over his loss.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode To Our "Buddy"

On an early October day just over one year ago, we said "hello" and "welcome" to a Momma who would become known as "Meadow", and her three little, newly-sprung whippersnappers, including Laura's beloved JT, and twin "brothers at the water & food bowls" - Calvin and Buddy.

In the beginning, they were three identical, adorable boys - all of which would soon develop their own style, mannerisms, and peculiarities. Calvin would emerge the assertive one; Buddy became the little daredevil (prompting the alter-ego label of "Evel Knievel", and JT became the standout oh-so-friendly one, and our housemate for life!

Wonderful step-momma Laura and I knew we had to give these three the best shot we could, even if it meant to part ways. Calvin's departure to Rabbit Haven was a sad trip for us - they all are, as we always find out. He's doing better than ever from what we hear, as we get periodic updates on his progress - we've been lucky that Laura has managed to hook up with some great people who also have the best interests of the bunnies in mind.

Our little daredevil, "Buddy" got very lucky - he transitioned into home that must have seemed like a wonderland to him, once he got his bearings & got adjusted to his new family. Buddy turned out to be the cute critter you always see in e-mails that get forwarded to you - you know, the ones that show two animals of opposite species cohabitating together in apparent harmony?

He made a "Buddy" (excuse the bun - ha ha) in the family cat, and was the picture of happiness just a week or so ago......

Regretfully, they are the last images we'll have of Buddy.......

Laura found out early this afternoon that our little whippersnapper, our adventurous little "Evel", our Buddy, had died earlier, and without warning. We both have sunken hearts tonight, as I'm sure his new family does as well - not to mention those who have shared Buddy's journey with us via this blog. We're thankful our little boy got to enjoy one "Happy Birthday", and a few days more....

Laura came home from work tonight, after trying to get through the rest of the day, only to be greeted by 4 wild rabbits in our backyard! It was as if the tribes had gathered because they sensed something in the kingdom didn't feel quite right. And they were right.

Laura's taking the night off; I asked if I could personally do this, as I knew Buddy deserved a distinguished send-off, and he was my son, too, and I will miss him all over again.

- Dave