Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gerald is gone

Gerald's health had been slowly failing.  He had pasteurella, arthritis, kidney disease, and who knows what else.  In the last 2 months he ate less and less, a sign that kidney disease was turning into kidney failure. I was taking him in for fluids twice a week, and increased his metacam.
During that time I had made plans to visit my parents in Florida, something I couldn't change at the last minute so I decided to take Gerald to Special Bunny for boarding. I knew he would get great care there, including receiving daily fluids (much needed for kidney disease).

When I came back from Florida we went to pick up Gerald at Special Bunny, at that time we all decided that he should stay there. I just could not give him the medical care he needed. Unfortunately he eventually stopped eating and we made the decision to help him find Clint, and Gerald was put down the evening of November 8th. 

After Clint died Gerald became a much more friendly bunny. He would run to us when we came in his room (he always ran from us, even when he was out in the rabbitat).  He enjoyed being petted and seemed to enjoy our company. Gerald and I had a routine at night: I sat on the floor and pulled out the plastic tub with all the bunny treats and meds. He would always come over to me, no matter how he felt, and he received his cheerios, oats, metacam and pumpkin seeds (the oats and seeds were given only his last few months to help him keep weight on, just to get him to eat anything).

Gerald was a curmudgeon. We felt he was an old bun when we first got him. When all 4 Reno Rabbits arrived here, he was the last to come out of the carrier. He was always the most shy of all the buns. When living outside he did have a good time running around and digging in the dirt.

Gerald 2006
Gerald and Clint 2007
Gerald 2008
Gerald 2009, he loved digging
Clint and Gerald 2011

When Clint was sick with head tilt Gerald was always by his side
I rarely saw Gerald with his head down like this 2012
Gerald and his stuffed bunny friend 2013
Last time we saw Gerald
I hope the boys have found each other again. We will miss you our sweet blue eyed bun.