Friday, July 26, 2013

Clint is gone

On Friday, July 19th, I took Clint to the vet and the vet helped him to the bridge. The vet was wonderful and I was with Clint the entire time.

Clint just continued to get worse. Last Wednesday I noticed he was dragging his right front paw. By the evening he was dragging the right front and rear left. I spoke with the vet. She thought since he was still taking syringe feedings to keep going since we just started the new meds, but it was possible that the infection had gone to his brain. By Friday morning he was not able to swallow and was not able to move around (but could only hold himself up). We knew he was miserable and there was nothing else we could do for him.
We miss Clint so much, and it hurts us to see Gerald alone now. Gerald is having a hard time too.  We sit with him, but he doesn't want our company (he never has). Now he gets extra tree twigs and timothy cubes. I purchased a jingle ball for him and some stuffed toys. Gerald has had Clint by his side for 7 years, it will be a tough adjustment and we will do what ever we can for him.
Four Reno Rabbits is now 3. Clint had a wonderful life here and I'm always so glad we got to care for him after his rotten start in life. Clint was the only rabbit that didn't like Strawberries, and I recently discovered that he loved peaches. The shelter that rescued him originally named him Dumbo, because of his one bad ear. I named him Clint, after Clint Black. Some think he was named after Clint Eastwood, that would have been fitting too, he was one tough bun. After years of outdoor life in the Rabbitat, I'm glad we moved both the boys into the house, we got to know them better and they became less afraid of us.
Clint, during his first few months here in 2006

 (I didn't know he didn't like strawberries....)
 Gerald & Clint 2007

Clint 2008
 Gerald and Clint loved the chair 2008
Enjoying fresh grass and clover 2009
 Gerald and Clint. Brought inside when Clint became very ill 2012
Clint enjoying the sun in the office April 2013

Clint's last time outside July 2013
 Love you sweet boy.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Update on Clint and Gerald

Clint had recovered from his gut blockage. But then in June I could tell there was something wrong with both boys and we went to the vet, both were diagnosed with ear infections. They were placed on meds and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Then Clint's head started tilting again and his eating decreased. At the same time I noticed Gerald's eyes and nose were runny. So off we went to the vet again, last week.

Gerald received meds for pasteurella and Clint for another ear infection. Actually, we don't know if Clint's ear infection is leftover from last month, or new. After a week of meds he is slowly getting worse. I have been syringe feeding  him. I spoke with the vet today and we are going to try different meds. Right now Clint is hardly eating and he has lost a lot of weight.

During the vet visit in June I asked the vet to do a blood draw on Gerald (I was concerned about his long term use of metacam for his arthritis) results came back and he has kidney disease. If you have any experience with this I would welcome your stories and advice.

Here are the boys at the vet office:

 The boys back in June:

All bunnies are well, including Bambi and Cinnamon: