Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daisy and Peter need a forever home

Peter and Daisy have been at Seattle Animal Shelter for over a year, and were at Seattle Humane before that. I few months ago I was asked to foster them because they needed a break from shelter life.

They are a mother and son pair. They are really good bunnies, and, like most bunnies, enjoy running around and exploring, especially Peter. They love apple tree twigs, timothy hay cubes and toilet paper rolls. They are shy, and don't like to be petted. Maybe that is why they have not been adopted, they are not outgoing.

I'm hoping with your help we can find their forever home. They belong to Seattle Animal Shelter, but their foster home is in Skagit County. Bunny bloggers, please repost this in your blog. There must be someone out there that just wants to give some critters a home (indoor only with no dogs or small children please).

I wish more than anything that I could keep them. They have been through enough and deserve a loving home.

Seattle Animal Shelter info:

Foster mom's email: kauai_sand at

Saturday, October 1, 2011