Monday, April 15, 2013

Clint is not well

I noticed Clint's eating habits slowly change over the course of a week. He is still very active, and eating, just very little. So I took him to a rabbit savvy vet on Saturday and she said he has a blockage in his gut. In or near his stomach actually.  Started metocloprammide and metacam Saturday night. After Clint's xray, the vet agreed with my guess on Clint's age, between 7 and 9 years.

It is now Monday and I have not seen any improvement, but also not worse. A friend came over today to do sub q fluids, I really hope that makes a difference.

What Clint eats depends on the day. Sometimes it's grass and dandelions. Others it's kale and celery. I just never know.

Clint and Gerald love living in the office and are free roam 24/7. They are good buns.

I haven't had any luck helping buns with blockages, so please send Clint your good thoughts.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to go outside

Since I have some extra time, Dora and Hazel got to go outside (separately) for a bit yesterday. Great weather. They are also both shedding tons right now, so it was a great time to get gobs, and gobs, and gobs of fur off of them.


I am still visiting Special Bunny.
A young Flemish Giant, she has already been adopted, along with her sibling. *Those ears!

Calvin! Do you guys remember Calvin? He was our first foster (along with his mom and brothers). He is a permanent resident. It's so nice to see him and give him treats.