Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another foster bun

Last Saturday we got another bun from the Humane Society. This guy was picked up by animal control at the local college. He is super cute, in good condition, looks healthy and not scared of his new surroundings. He shares the dining room with the other 2 fosters. I named him Joey. The other 2 hubby named Jasper and Raisin. Jasper and Raisin were shaved and neutered for free as a donation by a local vet. Surgery went well. Vet tec said she has never seen hair mats so bad on a short haired animal. This is Jasper after being shaved. Not a pretty sight. I'm wondering if the yellow is discoloration from being outside for so long, or a natural highlight?

Raisin and Jasper recovering from surgery. They got extra blankets and extra treats.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Officially the first fosters of 2011; and what a sad pair they are. They are stinky, dirty, and skinny. Someone found them. This time I believe it.

I believe they are both boys. Not positive on the brown one. Sad thing is that I can't even let them out of their pen to spend time with them; they spray and hump. Well who wants a pet that does that? No wonder someone dumped them. HEY PEOPLE-SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR RABBITS! I would like to choke that asshole that dumped them.

I have already tried to clean up the white one. After an hour I didn't get very far. I tried a short bath and blow dry. It didn't help much, he has too many hair mats. He was tired and held still long enough for me to cut some hair. I found out later that bathing makes mats worse and I should either carefully try to comb them out, or shave them off.

Best meal they have had in a long time.
Makes me think they are siblings when they lay on each other.
What a freakin mess.