Monday, February 28, 2011

What's new

Well this worked out well, having the boys in the house. It's been so cold they would have been inside most of the winter anyway. Gerald is well. He is old. At the last visit the doc did 2 x-rays. 1 to see if he had a bad tooth root (he didn't). 2nd was a full body because the doc thought there may have been a blockage in his gut (there wasn't). But we learned that Gerald does have arthritis. Makes me wonder if the others have it too. Another issue is that Gerald now has a noticeably crooked or droopy face. Ever since he was cut opened (many times) to have pus drained. So is the droop a result of being cut opened and stitched up, or something else. It's not his entire face; I got a pic of it. So the side that is not drooping is the side that was cut and stitched. He also has some white, scaly patches on his ear. I'm not taking him in to have it, or the face thing checked out. Like I said, he is old. He is eating, drinking, pooping fine, acts and moves fine.

For those of you that haven't heard yet, Hazel decided to stay. She lives in our living room. She is in a dog pen during the day and at night. The x-pen is used as a blockade. 1st it keeps JT in the kitchen when it is his playtime. He goes back in his pen and it is moved so Hazel gets the run of the living room. Unfortunately she has already learned how to move the pen and got out and bit Meadow on the nose. Not bad, tiny bit of blood.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phone books are F U N!

I gave Meadow a phone book. She freakin has a blast tearing it up. Only problem is that the bottom of her paws are GREY.

"There MUST be a carrot delivery company listed here."

"I have looked for hours, I'm tired, and no carrot delivery guy!"
"Guess I'll look again later..."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More buns off to the shelter tomorrow

Another drive to Seattle. I always bring a box of Klenex. You will be missed Ruby and kids.

Yes, the one in the middle is eating while lying down.

Ruby likes to play in the towels.