Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where to start

A few nights ago hubby and I went to take care of the Houseful buns. I'm driving up the hill and just before their driveway: "oh shit". Hubby: "what". Me: "cows!". 3 cows on the road, blocking the driveway. Obviously escaped from farm nearby. I slowly moved my car toward the house and they eventually took off. Good thing, I wouldn't have gotten out of the car if they stuck around. I always tell RG and BL I would be happy to trade my rotten neighbors for their stinky (cow) neighbors...

That night we took care of Houseful's 9 rabbits and our 13 rabbits. Took about 2 hours.
Yes, we now have 13. Despite the fact that I said we are full. When I got the call from the Humane Society asking if I would pick up a momma bun and 4 babies, of course I said yes. Geez. These poor rabbits were all crammed in a very small cage. The owner got the momma, Ruby, 2 months ago, not knowing that Ruby was pregnant! Babies were born a month ago. All are not healthy. Momma has not been fed properly, so her milk hasn't been the best for the babies. When I got them one baby had a huge amount of poop stuck to it's underside. I don't think it was able to pee or poop. Got that all cleaned up and baby is fine now. Another baby has another problem with that area down there. I thought it was getting better, but it's not. He/she will go to the vet Monday. Hopefully the Humane Society will pay for it...geez.

Today we took a trip to Value Village. Got lots of new towels for the buns and I found a great rug for Meadow. Meadow has successfully destroyed her nice sheets. I have even put large bricks in the corners; she can move the bricks. She is a destructive one, just like her son, JT.