Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some education

Every once in a while I listen to the New Mexico HRS podcasts. I love these and always learn something. You can find them here or on iTunes.

Something I recently learned listening to one of the podcasts: the Bunny Hop Line, a place to ask questions and have them answered by a vet. Here is the website: The doctor also has a blog you may want to check out, but you have to register (free) to read it, so I can't post the link here.

For you entertainment here is Clint having some playtime in the office (Gerald decided to hide at the moment I brought the video camera out).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clint is doing better

I have noticed a bit of improvement over the last month. My friend, Ann, who comes over and gives Clint his shot, has noticed improvement also.

Last weekend Clint and Gerald moved from the garage to the office. They have been in the house before, during wintertime. It took Gerald a few days to adjust, they both have now settled in just fine. It's nice to keep an eye on them and see what they do during the day (mostly sleep).

But in the last few days I have seen Clint in the box eating hay, not a lot, but it's something he is doing on his own. He is still on some meds, but I have stopped others. Finally getting some Critical Care has helped also, as Clint has lost a lot of weight and still won't eat pellets on his own.

Here are the boys from this afternoon.

From the beginning of Clint's illness I have had great support from the rabbit "community", including Thea, Cat, Christina and Angie (at Special Bunny), along with those of you that have sent messages and left your kind words here, all have kept me, and Clint, going, one day at a time. I thank you all for that.

On another note I want to mention that I had an article printed in the most recent HRS journal. I was so excited, until I read it, and reread it. The changes in the article, I feel, make the story confusing. I wonder what you thought of it.

No matter what I do I cannot remove all the extra spaces between paragraphs, really ticks me off...