Monday, June 4, 2012

Dedicated to Fez

Fez over at died. I don't have details. His wonderful human slave hasn't blogged in a while so there is no update there. But I know some of us followed the blog at sometime and didn't want his passing to be missed.

Fez touched my heart from the beginning because he was rescued from a meat farm, and, I fell in love with his EARS. Much love to you Fez and those that took care of you and gave you a great life.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are back! 

After a short stint of no internet access, we now have it again. I see that blogger has changed and I had to download Google Chrome to blog. Will take me a bit to figure out all the new changes.

On to more important news. Clint is doing great. He still had head tilt, but is otherwise fine. Except that Gerald (who is old and has arthritis) discovered that Clint is weak and can be picked on. I always saw Clint and Gerald as equal. I never saw one being more dominant over the other like I do with the others. I guess Clint was the dominant one, now that he has recovered from his illness he is no longer. Gerald has decided he can chase Clint and pull fur, because of this they have been separated. They are still in the same room together, just separated by a pen (Clint has to stay in the pen, Gerald is free run). A few times a week I will let them mingle together, but have to stay nearby as Clint almost always panics even if Gerald has no intention of doing anything. So this is their life  now:

It's sad, often Gerald will stick his nose in the pen for Clint's attention. Gerald spends most of the day laying next to Clint's pen. I have tried some bonding tricks, but the results were temporary. 

Clint's head tilt is not bad, and has improved a bit over the last few months. 

All other buns are still doing great. Including the other 2 Reno Rabbits, Bambi and Cinnamon.

I am also wanting to bond Hazel and Raisin. But Hazel is aggressive to all other bunnies, so this is as far as I have gotten with them...

That's all for now.