Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The hotel is full

Foster #2 arrived tonight. Brought to the shelter this afternoon. Supposedly someone found her a few weeks ago and decided not to keep her.

Why don't I believe that.

She looks healthy. Needs her nails cut. Is a bit chubby. Cute. Not afraid like many of the buns that come here. I put her in the living room. The only room that has no bunny in it is our bedroom...

No more, we are full!

Foster #1 has been named Hazel. No reason except that is the name that just came to hubby. That is how the buns get their names. Name has to come to us.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gerald is getting better

Two weeks ago I found out that Gerald was on the wrong medication for his abscess. Which is why the pus kept coming back. He needed to be on penicillin! (Remember that if your bun ever gets a facial abscess.) The abscess was lanced and drained many times, the last time he got stitches. Today Gerald had his stitches out. He has been on penicillin for 2 weeks and has 1 more to go. The pus is not coming back and he is healing nicely. The weather is crappy so the boys have stayed in the bathroom. They are fine there, they just don't have much room (at least compared to what they had). I would put them out in the garage, but we have a mouse (or mice).

Last week we got another foster. It's a girl and she is definitely not fixed. It took her a few days to warm up and now loves to run around the kitchen, always circling our feet trying to trip us. She is impossible to pet because she won't hold still. Surprisingly I don't have a name for her, usually a name will just come to me, this time it hasn't happened yet. Maybe you can help me out. She is freakin adorable.

Super cool JT has even paid her a visit. No aggression at all between them. But I'm sure since she is not fixed she doesn't mind having a boy around.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

JT meets Santa!

I had made arrangements days earlier to be sure there were no dogs around, Santa's helper was very accommodating. JT did really well, only tried to escape a little. Everyone thought he was SO CUTE! Proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Skagit Valley.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time for an update

A few weeks ago I noticed Geralds left cheek was puffier than his right. I took him in and it was an abscess. Doc lanced and drained it. Once it started to scab another lump formed. Brought him in again to have it cleaned out. I did this 2 more times, and will do again on Monday. During this time Gerald was given an antibiotic. Since the pus kept coming back (a little less each time) the vet said he needs a stronger antibiotic. So, I am in the process of finding someone who will give Gerald a shot every day for a month. BL over at Houseful gave me a good recommendation of someone that may help.

During all of this Bambi stopped eating for 24 hours. She was also looking uncomfortable and laying in an odd way. I have seen her do this before, but it didn't last for more than a day. On the afternoon of her 2nd day I gave her a small amount of simethicone and Metacam. This did the trick because she was eating a few hours after that and has been fine since.

A wonderful blogging friend at tinroof sent me some apple tree twigs for the buns. I have almost run out of my regular supply, now using very sparingly. All the buns have enjoyed these fresh twigs! Thanks PP! Here are some of the gang enjoying their twigs:

Since Gerald was cut open a few weeks ago, I had to bring him inside because of fly's and to keep the wound clean. I brought Clint in because I didn't want them to become unbonded. I was originally planning on them being inside for a week and a half (and have one weekend were we wouldn't have to clean the rabbitat!). Then one week turned into 2, then 3. Amazingly the boys have adjusted well to the guest bathroom. They peed just about everywhere 40% of the time their first week. Now they only use the boxes! I have seen Clint flop, and there has been no thumping. The boys can go back out when Gerald is healed, but our cold fall/winter has started. When I brought them inside it was about 50-60 degrees outside, now it's 30-40 and we keep the house at 65. I can't put them out now, it's too cold. They may move to the garage for the winter, at least they will have more room out there than in the bathroom.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

If this year is anything like last year we should have about 200 kids at our door. I'm sure Meadow, Cinnamon and Bambi will be thumping, as the door and front porch is right by their room.

Happy Halloween from me and JT:

Thanks all for your kind words about Buddy. I'm still pretty heart broken over his loss.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode To Our "Buddy"

On an early October day just over one year ago, we said "hello" and "welcome" to a Momma who would become known as "Meadow", and her three little, newly-sprung whippersnappers, including Laura's beloved JT, and twin "brothers at the water & food bowls" - Calvin and Buddy.

In the beginning, they were three identical, adorable boys - all of which would soon develop their own style, mannerisms, and peculiarities. Calvin would emerge the assertive one; Buddy became the little daredevil (prompting the alter-ego label of "Evel Knievel", and JT became the standout oh-so-friendly one, and our housemate for life!

Wonderful step-momma Laura and I knew we had to give these three the best shot we could, even if it meant to part ways. Calvin's departure to Rabbit Haven was a sad trip for us - they all are, as we always find out. He's doing better than ever from what we hear, as we get periodic updates on his progress - we've been lucky that Laura has managed to hook up with some great people who also have the best interests of the bunnies in mind.

Our little daredevil, "Buddy" got very lucky - he transitioned into home that must have seemed like a wonderland to him, once he got his bearings & got adjusted to his new family. Buddy turned out to be the cute critter you always see in e-mails that get forwarded to you - you know, the ones that show two animals of opposite species cohabitating together in apparent harmony?

He made a "Buddy" (excuse the bun - ha ha) in the family cat, and was the picture of happiness just a week or so ago......

Regretfully, they are the last images we'll have of Buddy.......

Laura found out early this afternoon that our little whippersnapper, our adventurous little "Evel", our Buddy, had died earlier, and without warning. We both have sunken hearts tonight, as I'm sure his new family does as well - not to mention those who have shared Buddy's journey with us via this blog. We're thankful our little boy got to enjoy one "Happy Birthday", and a few days more....

Laura came home from work tonight, after trying to get through the rest of the day, only to be greeted by 4 wild rabbits in our backyard! It was as if the tribes had gathered because they sensed something in the kingdom didn't feel quite right. And they were right.

Laura's taking the night off; I asked if I could personally do this, as I knew Buddy deserved a distinguished send-off, and he was my son, too, and I will miss him all over again.

- Dave

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Now that we have larger litter boxes, Cinnamon has discovered that he can bury himself in the hay. He always does it. He doesn't really dig in the box, just gets in and under the hay.

Friday, September 24, 2010

St Francis of Assisi

I'm not a religious person. But it's nice to think that someone is watching over the animals:
Christians everywhere celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi on October 4 by having their pets blessed in the spirit of this patron saint of animals and ecology.

St. Francis, Rabbits and Fish
One day a brother brought a rabbit who had been caught in a trap to St. Francis. Francis advised the rabbit to be more alert in the future, then released the rabbit from the trap and set it on the ground to go its way. But the rabbit hopped back up onto Francis’ lap, desiring to be close to the saint.

Francis took the rabbit a few steps into the woods and set it down. But it followed Francis back to his seat and hopped on his lap again! Finally Francis asked one of his fellow friars to take the rabbit far into the woods and let it go. That worked. This type of thing happened repeatedly to Francis—which he saw as an opportunity to praise the glory of God. If the simplest creatures could be so endowed with God’s wonder, how much the more so we humans!

Fish were also known to obey Francis. Whenever a fish was caught and Francis was nearby, he would return the fish to the water, warning it not to be caught again. On several occasions the fish would linger awhile near the boat, listening to Francis preach, until he gave them permission to leave. Then they would swim off. In every work of art, as St. Francis called all creation, he would praise the artist, our loving Creator.

Monday, September 20, 2010

M for Meadow

Miss Meadow has a M on her nose. No I didn't put it there, nature did. It's temporary, while she is shedding, again.
Went to a used bookstore over the weekend. Turned in books, and got some books. Actually got 4 books, 2 bunny books. BL recommended the "Rabbits Gentle Hearts" book and let me borrow it. It was a good price, so I got myself a copy. Also picked up "Velveteen Rabbit" on clearance. It made me cry.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Little JT turns 1 today. I don't really have his exact date of birth, but I got him, his momma and brothers at the beginning of October and they were a month old then. So I chose today as his birthday.

This morning JT got some birthday oats with his breakfast and had a short visit with his momma, Meadow. He also got a new toy.

His brother Buddy, is in a happy home in Seattle. He was only in the Seattle shelter for a short time. The other brother, the aggressive one, Calvin, is at Rabbit Haven doing well and is up for adoption.

Here is JT with his new toy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newest foster! and it's a baby...

Probably just barely old enough to be away from momma. Can't tell yet if it's male or female. But, OH MY GOD, it is SO FREAKIN CUTE! I'm SO in trouble with this one....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lettuce heaven

JT got the first few bites of fresh lettuce, right from mother-in-law's garden!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teddy update

On Saturday, Ted E Bear, a.k.a. Teddy, went to Seattle Animal Shelter. It was sad, we really liked him. Hubby would sit on the floor with him and Teddy would use him as an obstacle course. Hubby had to be in charge of letting Teddy out for playtime, because Teddy liked to spray me.

Once I stopped crying we went to Whole Foods and had some great pizza for lunch.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bunny Makeover-Bambi and Cinnamon

Bambi and Cinnamon's pen received the same treatment today. Bambi and Cinnamon were moved into the guest bathroom for 24 hours. Geez, they did not like that! Peed everywhere except the litter box. WTH?

Before I put the wood down I cleaned the carpet with a borrowed carpet cleaner. Seems pee goes through tarp, especially when the cardboard underneath moves. Furniture behind pen was moved to another room. Got everything put together and they moved in tonight. They act like nothing has changed (thank God).

Meadow on the other hand is still pretty pissed off and is trying to destroy all the things that she is not supposed to; and trying her hardest to escape.
Preparing floor:
Before: I was SO tired of the MESS!
After: Pink sheets and cat bed purchased at garage sale for a total of $7.

Pens in the same room. I put up the pillow cases on the sides so they don't see each other and drive each other crazy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Extreme Makeover Bunny Edition-Meadow

Meadow has been living in the guest bathroom. She really likes it there. But it is a bit dangerous; she has fallen off the counter more than once. It is also too warm in the summer and has no natural light or fresh air. So with our garage sale money we got a pen, wood, tile, bricks and sheets.

The other half of the guest bedroom had to be cleared out, bed and treadmill removed (hardly used anyway). Wood was measured and cut. Linoleum was stapled to the top. Wood was laid down and 2 sheets were wrapped around it. Pen goes around the wood. Bricks keep her from pushing one side of the pen out for escape.

Before:Meadow when she was feeling destructive:

So far she is NOT happy.
Bambi and Cinnamon will get the same tomorrow...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Extreme Makeover Bunny Edition coming soon!

We had a garage sale a few weekends ago, so we were able to get a few things for the buns. Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is anybody here?

Here is the newest foster. I use that term, foster, loosely. Technically I take rabbits from one shelter and give to another; transfer, foster. Oh well.

I named him Ted E Bear, Teddy for short. Because he looks like a teddy bear. He is definitely a male and really needs to be fixed. He has sore hocks and has no litter box habbits, which means he has been in a cage. He likes to be petted but is impossible to handle. I'm so happy he escaped and someone found him (or someone was tired of him and gave him up).

I am waiting for the ok to take him to Seattle.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This cannot be good

This is on the back of the house. So far we have not seen anything fly in or out of it. But still...

This is Gixr waiting for JT to leave so he can have his dinner.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JT's new toy

Found this out by accident. Left one of the cat toys out. JT loves it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lea going to Rabbit Haven

this weekend. It will be sad to see her go. She is such an incredible rabbit! We have never had such a friendly bun around. She is like a dog. Comes running to you, follows you around and LOVES attention. The plan is to bond her with a lonely male lop, so she pretty much already has a new home. I hope the bonding goes well and I hope to get updates.

The other 2 rescues will need some work. They really don't like being petted, but I have been trying. If plans work out they will go to Seattle Animal Shelter this weekend (after we drop off Lea).

Me N Lea

Friday, June 25, 2010


Had a little progress with the 2 rescues this morning. The black and white one (spot) is very shy/scared. Pretty much has just been sitting in the back of the cage. This morning they both came up to me when I had veggies. AND I pet both of them when they were eating! Yeah! I hope they get friendlier. The shelter doesn't want them if they are unfriendly. (Yikes, then what will I do?!)
Here they are from this morning. (Please disregard the cage, it's all I have.)
My guess is that they are young and may be siblings. The black one has a bit of brown and is just beautiful! Even has the cutest little cowlick on the bridge of his nose (camera won't pick it up).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and we have 9

Yes, 9 rabbits.

A coworker caught 2 rabbits in her yard last night. She has seen them around the neighborhood for the last week. After she caught them she went around the neighborhood to see if someone would claim them. No one did. So she called me and brought them over.

They are beautiful buns. Look healthy, but I haven't handled them. One is really scared. It's been 24 hours and she is still pretty freaked out, she didn't even eat her veggies tonight because she stays in one corner. The other has relaxed a bit.

I already have a call to a shelter that I hope will take them.

Believe it or not it's the black and white one that is really scared, I was lucky to get a picture of her eating some pellets. Took the pic outside when my friend first brought them over, but they are inside now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Buns from Houseful of Buns!

Bun Sitting: Night 2.

Savannah did NOT want me to pick her up tonight. But I did.

Chico did NOT want to go out this morning. So he didn't. But I had no problem bring him in last night.

Racer did NOT want to go out this morning. But I made him anyway.

Winston REALLY DID NOT want to go in last night or out this morning. But I made him anyway.

I think they did want to go in or out, they just don't like being picked up, espically by a stranger. So no hard feelings, right guys?
Maybe I need to get some craisins....
SavannahThe PrincessThe Boys