Monday, November 19, 2012

A few more things about Jasper & Raisin

Unfortunately we don't have many memories about Jasper. We only had him for 3 months. What I do remember is that he sprayed me. He let me bathe him, in just a bit a warm water, with no fuss; I didn't get much dirt off of him because he was so matted. He and Raisin would always lay together and it would always be so cute. Sometimes I would tell my husband "come look how cute they are" because the camera was not always handy.

The day that Jasper died, a wild bun came to the back porch that evening, as if his spirit came to say good bye. It was a sunny July day and still light out.

Raisin was just super amazing. Always so sweet and funloving. I took him to see Santa last December, I think he liked the attention. I also took him to an Emergency Prepardness meeting for the Humane Society. There I explained basic rabbit care and handling and people were allowed to come up and pet him and practice proper rabbit handling. Raisin loved sitting on the dining room chairs, where Dora spends her time now. When he was moved to the living room he liked sitting under the small end table. He never destroyed a thing. One night I forgot to move the x-pen that is used as a gate to keep him in the living room, he had free roam of the entire house, but stayed in the living room.

Raisin also died in the morning, and that evening (it was still light out) a wild bun came running to the back porch. He stopped in the grass, looked back, then came on to the porch. He hopped around then took the 2 steps to the back door and looked in. Wild bun then stood up on his hind legs, still looking in; he did that 2 more times. If Dora had turned around and moved closer to the door she would have seen him. I hope that was his little spirit telling us he is ok. I told him to go find Jasper.

I miss them both so much.