Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have a new friend

A few months ago, on one of my visits to the vet with Raisin, I was in the waiting room and a wonderful bunny slave sat down next to me and we talked about our bunnies. Turns out he makes bunny treats. He gave me his card and just last week I finally purchased some.

They are called bunny biscotti and our bunnies love them. How wonderful to have some home made treats for bunnies! Please check out his blog:  You can order bunny biscotti or macarons through (click on Feed & Hay, then start scrolling).

Here is Dora enjoying her beet biscoti. Though they all seem to enjoy the banana biscotti better.

I took Dora to see Santa this year. She did well, but wasn't too crazy about being there. Hoppy Holidays everyone!