Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well, Gerald has been making it without Clint. The first few weeks were hard, for both of us. I hated seeing Gerald alone. A week after Clint's death I got online and found a black and white stuffed bunny on Ebay and purchased it. When the bunny arrived I gave it to Gerald right away. The minute Gerald saw the bunny he came running out of his cardboard box to greet him. Gerald has been by his side ever since. Gerald grooms him and always lays with him. Once in a while I move the bunny around.

A few weeks after that Gerald's appetite changed. He stopped eating his pellets (well, he ate some on occasion). I knew the change was from the kidney disease. I talked to a few bunny people for advice, so I'm doing what I can to keep him comfortable. He also has arthritis which has gotten worse. He is unable to sit on his back legs to clean his face.

Gerald had an x-ray done, months ago (at the moment I can't remember why). But the x-ray confirmed that Gerald is 10 years or older.