Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clint is sick

He has been for about a month now. He has an inner ear infection, which sounds simple, but in a rabbit it's not. We are still in the stage of not knowing if he is going to get better. He can hold himself up and get around pretty well. But he still falls over and has times where he doesn't want to eat. Right now he eats all his veggies every day and I syringe feed him twice a day, and he is still on his meds. So send him all your good vibes, he needs it.

For Clint's safety, and because of the cold weather, the boys had to be moved into the garage. It's more like they moved into the senior home.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daisy and Peter need a forever home

Peter and Daisy have been at Seattle Animal Shelter for over a year, and were at Seattle Humane before that. I few months ago I was asked to foster them because they needed a break from shelter life.

They are a mother and son pair. They are really good bunnies, and, like most bunnies, enjoy running around and exploring, especially Peter. They love apple tree twigs, timothy hay cubes and toilet paper rolls. They are shy, and don't like to be petted. Maybe that is why they have not been adopted, they are not outgoing.

I'm hoping with your help we can find their forever home. They belong to Seattle Animal Shelter, but their foster home is in Skagit County. Bunny bloggers, please repost this in your blog. There must be someone out there that just wants to give some critters a home (indoor only with no dogs or small children please).

I wish more than anything that I could keep them. They have been through enough and deserve a loving home.

Seattle Animal Shelter info:

Foster mom's email: kauai_sand at

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

JT's birthday

JT got a ball for his birthday. He has had a good time with it. The next 2 weeks I will be bun sitting over at Houseful.

Been spending the last few Sundays rescuing some bunnies dumped at a grocery store parking lot. I had some help. We caught 5. There are a few more, they are too hard to get. Here are the 2 that I caught. They are all less than a year old, so I'm guessing someone dumped a litter.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sleep well, little Jasper...

With our own VERY heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that our little boy - half of our tandem of "wonder brothers" (we believe they were sibs), died on Saturday afternoon, following a very sudden illness that, only over the course of the last few days, overwhelmed his brave & sweet little soul. The kingdom is hurting tonight, right there along with a Bunny Mommy & daddy who little "Jaspee" (my own moniker for his greatness) made such an immediate & everlasting impact on in the short 2 or so months we acquired them. How lucky were we??....

His sudden loss is almost unbearable, because it was so quick and so unfair; like his brother, Raisin - these two are in a class by themselves, as we have never had two buns so overly & equally friendly, and just plain happy to see you every time you spoke in their direction, or approached them. Initially, Raisin appears to be adjusting well, as he was afforded much needed quiet time alone with little Jaspee after he passed. Time will tell how he carries on, but we'll be there to support him any way we can...

We will never forget little Jaspee, how he carried on with his brother, exploring the dining room during free-roam "playtime", jumping on top of the kennel to get that better view of the premises, not to mention better access to all the attention from mommy & daddy, and sharing the newest delivery of timothy hay with Raisin.

He (and Raisin) have supplied us with a treasure trove of images & memories over the course of two quick months that will go, over time, to alleviate the overwhelming sadness we feel tonight, and for days to come - it feels awful, and is very hard to talk about. Suddenly, the problems and the gripes of our typical day pale in comparison to what our boy went through today, and the degree of pain he apparently was in. We're mindful we still have 11 more of these amazing critters depending on us, so we'll have to move on, and take care of business, while at the same time, always keeping a place in our hearts for a little boy who latched on to us like none other, and who hopefully is sleeping well - and free of pain - tonight...

Good night, Jaspee - mommy & daddy love you, and we're going to miss you so much...

*EDIT: Raisin and Jasper were with us since April. Giving us 3 full months with the two special boys.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I just can't get enuf!

Jasper and Raisin are just the cutest things ever! I can't get enuf of them!

So Sweet Pea and another no name bun that was only here for a few days, went to the Seattle Animal Shelter over the weekend. At the same time we picked up 2 fosters. Peter and Daisy have been in the shelter too long and needed a break. So they will stay with us for a few months.

Grey bun.

Sweet PeaPeter and Daisy
We just got Clint and Gerald moved out of the bathroom and back out side. Now Peter and Daisy have the bathroom.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

No time to blog

Which is too bad because there is so much I want to share. But the bunnies keep me busy. Among lots of other stuff.

The Humane Society had to come up with an emergency plan for the shelter animals and any animal brought to them during an emergency. It was a requirement for FEMA. I was asked to do a short presentation on rabbit care and handling. It went well. Unfortunately there are no pictures.

Foster bun Joey left a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon. Monday night we got Sweet pea. She is shy and timid, but has come around and we see she loves to be petted. She is low energy and low maintenance.

Jasper and Raisin are still here. Don't think I am willing to let them go. They are super sweet and have already been through so much. Every week they look better. Raisin loves tearing up the phone book.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another foster bun

Last Saturday we got another bun from the Humane Society. This guy was picked up by animal control at the local college. He is super cute, in good condition, looks healthy and not scared of his new surroundings. He shares the dining room with the other 2 fosters. I named him Joey. The other 2 hubby named Jasper and Raisin. Jasper and Raisin were shaved and neutered for free as a donation by a local vet. Surgery went well. Vet tec said she has never seen hair mats so bad on a short haired animal. This is Jasper after being shaved. Not a pretty sight. I'm wondering if the yellow is discoloration from being outside for so long, or a natural highlight?

Raisin and Jasper recovering from surgery. They got extra blankets and extra treats.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Officially the first fosters of 2011; and what a sad pair they are. They are stinky, dirty, and skinny. Someone found them. This time I believe it.

I believe they are both boys. Not positive on the brown one. Sad thing is that I can't even let them out of their pen to spend time with them; they spray and hump. Well who wants a pet that does that? No wonder someone dumped them. HEY PEOPLE-SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR RABBITS! I would like to choke that asshole that dumped them.

I have already tried to clean up the white one. After an hour I didn't get very far. I tried a short bath and blow dry. It didn't help much, he has too many hair mats. He was tired and held still long enough for me to cut some hair. I found out later that bathing makes mats worse and I should either carefully try to comb them out, or shave them off.

Best meal they have had in a long time.
Makes me think they are siblings when they lay on each other.
What a freakin mess.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bonding bunnies

For the last few months I have been trying to bond JT and Meadow (son and mom). Really I have only done it a handful of times; it's not something I have time for when we have fosters. I can skip the first few steps of the bonding process since they have always been near/around/aware of each other. They never fight when I do have them together in the same space. My hope is to get them bonded soon and move JT into Meadows pen. When I do that I will add a 3 story pen I got from Rabbit Haven. Hopefully having something new and changing her pen a bit will make it less offensive when JT moves in. Here are some bonding pics.

The first 3 pics are the 2nd bonding session, in the bathtub. I didn't get pics of the 1st session, which was in the garage in a dog pen.

Since the guest bathroom is taken by the boys I have done 3 or 4 more sessions in a carrier.

They look like they get along, but there is still some work to do. Meadow thumps a lot and they do their fair share of dominance humping. Soon I will take them on a car ride.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Answers

I was hoping to have gotten more replies than I did. Thanks to those of you that actually did try. Some answers could have been found on my blog, but not all of them.

1. Cinnamon, Bambi, Clint, Gerald, Meadow, JT and Hazel. That is 7 total. No fosters right now (thank God).

2. Cinnamon, Bambi, Clint, Gerald came together, all the way from Reno, NV.

3. They are both white, mini Rex's. The only difference is that Meadow has straight hair, JT has wavy hair. But when I have them side by side, it's REALLY hard to tell them apart. Since they are both fixed, if you turn them over and look at their "naughty bits" (as Paula called them) they look the same.

4. JT is named after John Taylor, from Duran Duran. THE BEST BAND EVER!

5. A Houseful of Rabbits.

6. Clint is missing part of his ear. (Gerald has the droopy face, but not in this pic.)

7. JT is my fav.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trivia day!

How bout some Reno Rabbit trivia?! Sorry I have no prizes to give away, this is just for fun.

1. How many rabbits do we have right now?

2. Which bunnies came to live here first?

3. How do you tell JT and Meadow apart?

4. Who is JT named after?

5. From my list of bloggers, who do I bun-sit for?

6. When you look at Clint, what physically is wrong with him?

7. Of all our buns which bun is your favorite?

Monday, February 28, 2011

What's new

Well this worked out well, having the boys in the house. It's been so cold they would have been inside most of the winter anyway. Gerald is well. He is old. At the last visit the doc did 2 x-rays. 1 to see if he had a bad tooth root (he didn't). 2nd was a full body because the doc thought there may have been a blockage in his gut (there wasn't). But we learned that Gerald does have arthritis. Makes me wonder if the others have it too. Another issue is that Gerald now has a noticeably crooked or droopy face. Ever since he was cut opened (many times) to have pus drained. So is the droop a result of being cut opened and stitched up, or something else. It's not his entire face; I got a pic of it. So the side that is not drooping is the side that was cut and stitched. He also has some white, scaly patches on his ear. I'm not taking him in to have it, or the face thing checked out. Like I said, he is old. He is eating, drinking, pooping fine, acts and moves fine.

For those of you that haven't heard yet, Hazel decided to stay. She lives in our living room. She is in a dog pen during the day and at night. The x-pen is used as a blockade. 1st it keeps JT in the kitchen when it is his playtime. He goes back in his pen and it is moved so Hazel gets the run of the living room. Unfortunately she has already learned how to move the pen and got out and bit Meadow on the nose. Not bad, tiny bit of blood.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phone books are F U N!

I gave Meadow a phone book. She freakin has a blast tearing it up. Only problem is that the bottom of her paws are GREY.

"There MUST be a carrot delivery company listed here."

"I have looked for hours, I'm tired, and no carrot delivery guy!"
"Guess I'll look again later..."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More buns off to the shelter tomorrow

Another drive to Seattle. I always bring a box of Klenex. You will be missed Ruby and kids.

Yes, the one in the middle is eating while lying down.

Ruby likes to play in the towels.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011