Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trip to Seattle

Dropping off Buddy was hard. I cried all afternoon (after we left the shelter). We also transported 3 other buns from Skagit Humane. A momma, daddy and baby. I almost fostered them, good thing I didn't, the baby was SO CUTE!

Seattle Animal Shelter

Daddy bun
Momma and baby bun

Buddy's last night

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another foster bun update

Tomorrow Buddy will be going to Seattle Animal Shelter. Long story I won't go into. Short story is that Skagit Humane got 3 buns a few days ago, and I almost fostered. But after talking to Angie at Rabbit Haven she spoke with Seattle Animal Shelter. And the rest as they say is history. Angie trusts Seattle Animal Shelter, so I will too.

Leaving me with one foster bun, JT, who I just love, he is a special bun. Rabbit Haven will try to help me find a home for him.

I will post some pics of Buddy later.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Foster bun update-Calvin

Little aggressive Calvin went Rabbit Haven today. Well, actually he went to Angie's house. She works for Rabbit Haven and the shelter has sort of spilled over into her home. She pet him and handled him right away. There were 2 volunteers there that just loved him. He was put in his new pen (much bigger than what we had him in) and he loved it. She taught him how to go up and down the ramp. He will be ok there. It was sad to come home to an empty cage and hope his first night isn't too scary. We will never forget you little one!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rabbit joins cat for dinner

Like the other rabbits in the house, they have discovered that cat food is yummy. Got proof on video. I had to cut it short, didn't want JT Bunn to eat too much. So then I gave him his own food, so they could still eat together. (Other cat didn't want to eat with rabbit hanging around.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on fosters

Last week I contacted Angie at Rabbit Haven. She said they are full, BUT she WOULD take the aggressive one (Calvin) in her home. The night before I was to take him down hubby asks "will his life be better there?" Because I have been saying for months that Calvin would probably be in a shelter the rest of his life, and Angie did say that most people tend to shy away from the aggressive ones. She also said that she doesn't have a lot of time to give and may not be able to let Calvin out of his cage a lot.

Then I decided to at least check out Angie's set up and see where Calvin would be living, just to compare. If it's not better than what we offer we will probably keep him.

I also explained to her what I have been going through with the Humane Society (they don't have a good policy in regards to rabbit adoptions) and Angie said this particular Humane Society is notorious for not doing the best for rabbits. That made up my mind not to take them back to the Humane Society. Angie said she would put the other 2 fosters on their website and another website.

Buddy eating his first dandelion:

Meadow just chillin at the spa:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rabbit needs your help

A wonderful person in Canada has taken in a sick bunny and needs our help for vet bills. I copied and pasted this from Fez's page
I only want to quickly ask that you guys take a few moments to visit a website about a special bunny named Pancakes. Pancakes lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He is approximately 2 years old, and a Netherland Dwarf bunny. He is incredibly friendly and loving. His previous owners abandoned him - with an abcess in his cheek roughly the size of a golf ball.

Now, I know many of us have dealt with our bunnies being sick. Treated them, vetted them, cared for them. Someone has luckily taken Pancakes in, to treat and care for. Unfortunately he is having difficulty with the financial aspect of treatments. You can read all about what Pancakes has had to go through on the website. I am posting here to ask people to pass it on, or to donate if you can. The website notes that you can't donate directly to the vet; however a friend of mine has called the vet directly and they will accept a credit card payment directly to be put towards Pancakes' care. The vet is: 1310 Commissioners Road WestLondon, (ON)N6K 1E1(519) 472-3770