Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The hotel is full

Foster #2 arrived tonight. Brought to the shelter this afternoon. Supposedly someone found her a few weeks ago and decided not to keep her.

Why don't I believe that.

She looks healthy. Needs her nails cut. Is a bit chubby. Cute. Not afraid like many of the buns that come here. I put her in the living room. The only room that has no bunny in it is our bedroom...

No more, we are full!

Foster #1 has been named Hazel. No reason except that is the name that just came to hubby. That is how the buns get their names. Name has to come to us.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gerald is getting better

Two weeks ago I found out that Gerald was on the wrong medication for his abscess. Which is why the pus kept coming back. He needed to be on penicillin! (Remember that if your bun ever gets a facial abscess.) The abscess was lanced and drained many times, the last time he got stitches. Today Gerald had his stitches out. He has been on penicillin for 2 weeks and has 1 more to go. The pus is not coming back and he is healing nicely. The weather is crappy so the boys have stayed in the bathroom. They are fine there, they just don't have much room (at least compared to what they had). I would put them out in the garage, but we have a mouse (or mice).

Last week we got another foster. It's a girl and she is definitely not fixed. It took her a few days to warm up and now loves to run around the kitchen, always circling our feet trying to trip us. She is impossible to pet because she won't hold still. Surprisingly I don't have a name for her, usually a name will just come to me, this time it hasn't happened yet. Maybe you can help me out. She is freakin adorable.

Super cool JT has even paid her a visit. No aggression at all between them. But I'm sure since she is not fixed she doesn't mind having a boy around.