Saturday, May 28, 2011

No time to blog

Which is too bad because there is so much I want to share. But the bunnies keep me busy. Among lots of other stuff.

The Humane Society had to come up with an emergency plan for the shelter animals and any animal brought to them during an emergency. It was a requirement for FEMA. I was asked to do a short presentation on rabbit care and handling. It went well. Unfortunately there are no pictures.

Foster bun Joey left a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon. Monday night we got Sweet pea. She is shy and timid, but has come around and we see she loves to be petted. She is low energy and low maintenance.

Jasper and Raisin are still here. Don't think I am willing to let them go. They are super sweet and have already been through so much. Every week they look better. Raisin loves tearing up the phone book.