Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three blind, oh wait...

it's just the foster buns...

Hubby and one of the babies. Baby let himself out this morning, so I let him hang out a bit...

Momma in the kitchen.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I thought I lost this post

from last year. I was so mad it disappeared that I didn't redo it. But I found it today! It's late, but still important:
October 2006 is when we got the Reno buns. That first year was really rough, but we made it through. All buns are still healthy and happy, and two were successfully brought indoors.

Unfortunately so many terrible things have happened to almost all the other Reno Rabbits, at least if you believe everything you read. It makes me not trust shelters, especially Best Friends. I hate that I will never know the truth. I makes it hard to look back at the day we picked up our rabbits as a happy thought, when I really just have a heavy heart and wish I could have taken them all.

Here is a look back at Bambi, Cinnamon, Clint and Gerald's first few days with us:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Foster buns are doing well.

Thanks to all that responded to my questions. Special thanks to RG and BL at

I can't tell the babies apart. But one still wants to nurse and momma doesn't want to deal with it. She keeps hopping away, but the cage is so small she doesn't get far. Oh, now 2 babies are trying to get some milk, momma won't stay still for nothing.

We already let them out to run around (damn cage had to be cleaned already). What a hoot that was. Baby binks everywhere! Sorry no pics, camera is full. Even the momma came out. She is very good, hasn't shown any aggression at all.

Thanks again everyone!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need help-fostering mom and baby buns

Went to the shelter to volunteer today and saw a mom and 3 of her babies. Babies are said to be a month old. I asked if they needed a foster home and they said yes. I filled out my paperwork and brought them home (after walking a dog and taking care of the cats). Of course the shelter has them in a cage that is too small.

Here are my questions: 1) My book says they should not be given veggies until 12 weeks. How do I feed mama veggies and not have the babies eat it. 2) We want to put them in something larger, but have no money to buy anything. We can put them in the kitchen/dining area, but need something to contain them. Any ideas. 3) The babies should be fed alfalfa hay, but do they need alfalfa pellets too? Mommy will be eating that too, is that okay? 4) They gave the momma this horrible seed treat that she is eating, I'm sure the babies chew on it too, should I get rid of it? 5) If I give momma apple tree twigs is it okay for babies to chew too?

Oh and the rabbits had no water!

So far they are all doing well, they don't seem to be scared. I gave them a bit of alfalfa and a small towel to sit on. We have to bring them back in a month. Here they are: