Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner time!

Actually I feed the cats and rabbits breakfast and dinner; just split the portions in half.

The rabbits get 3 or 4 different veggies. I don't give them bok choy, they don't like it, which is too bad because it's cheap; they also don't like green pepper. Fruit just depends on what is on hand, but I make sure we have pineapple about every other week, as it's supposed to help pass/break up hairballs. They get a small pinch of oats in the morning, except for Clint (green food bowl) because he doesn't like them.

Cinnamon has this bad habit of dumping his bowl over. The problem with this is that he already takes so long to eat, when he dumps his bowl over pellets go everywhere and it takes him forever to find them. So here is my solution:

He still manages to lift the bowl, but not completely dump it over.

Came home on Friday and saw this:

The cat put his toy in the water bowl. He has done this before, but hasn't in a while. Cracks me up. It means something, I just don't know what.


DKM said...

My buns don't really care for bok choy either. They sometimes will eat the leaves off of baby bok choy but they never finish it all. The other thing they do not like is Mustard Greens - who knows why.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles loves bok choy -- but only the green part. She doesn't like the hard white part.

Love the toy in the water dish! Looks like it's trying to escape.

The Bunns said...

You can see why We Bunns at The House of Rabbits like FOTA to come bunn sit now and then!!!!!

mum of critters said...

LOL at least kitty understands lobsters belong in water!!!

When Lakota (my queensland) was a pup EVERYTHING went in the water with her

With O'Reilly I'll throw his toys in the kiddie pool and he gets indignant and jumps in and fishes them out! (toys that are waterproof of course!)

PJ said...

Sydney and Tyler must have supervised this: lovely composition and juxtaposition of color. It's funny how rabbits get people to do such creative work.
As for kitty's laundrying efforts, my girl cat Digit likes to retreive wet things from the shower, lay small objects at my feet, and drag clothing to me. The best cat displacement story I ever heard was someone who would wake up in the morning and find kitchen items like wooden spoons, pot holders, and the like all over her bed. Maybe kitty was trying to tell her to hurry up and fix breakfast?