Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sarvey Wildlife Center

Today hubby and I went to Sarvey Wildlife Center to drop off some supplies. We have been meaning to go there for almost a year now. We brought them a huge bag of dry cat food, baby food, paper towels, fleece blankets, towels, bleach, and scouring pads. They let us go into the visitors center where they have owls, hawks, and eagles. The animals that live there are not able to be released back into the wild. They take in all sorts of wild animals, with the hope of fixing them up and releasing them. A few years ago we had found 4 baby ducklings, we brought them to Sarvey where they were fed and released when they were old enough.

We had the pleasure of being hissed at by this owl. I love owls.


YowlYY said...

Beautiful! I love owls too, and these seem to be well taken care of.
How is darling Gerald doing?? Hugo and Miss Eve send nose bumps and appropriate ear licks.

Anonymous said...

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