Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back

well sort of. Took me a while to remember my log in name and password. I'm still without a USB cord, BUT, thanks to a great friend I was able to order one and it's on the way. Thank God, because my camera is full.

So I spent a little part of my birthday, and the day before, bun sitting RG's buns. Ok, hubby helped, otherwise I probably would have spent a good part of the day feeding and cleaning 11 rabbits. Everybun behaved, not a thump this time, but I could tell, some did not like us being there.

Buns here are all doing well. Mr Pee Pee is still peeing and the 2 other cats are still outside. Outside cat Stormy keeps getting these little, round sticky balls in her fur. Some days she is LOADED with them; I brush her daily. Do you know what they are and what would happen if I just left them? I'm afraid that she won't be able to clean herself properly if they are stuck in her fur, or would she end up licking them out, I don't know. Here is a pic of Stormy from a few weeks ago, before eaten USB cord.

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