Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby bunny update

Well, the 3 babies were supposed to have gone back to the shelter by now. But we have run into a few snags. One snag is that one of the baby bunnies is aggressive. I thought having him neutered would help, and I thought I saw some improvement over the week. But two days ago he bit me so hard that I had to go to Urgent Care. No stitches, and I already had a tetanus shot, so there wasn't much they could do, but this was the 3rd bite (that drew blood, he has bitten and lunged at me before the surgery).

The other snag is that the two 'good' buns were to go back to the shelter last Friday. On that Friday the shelter emailed me and told me to wait. They are talking to another shelter about taking them; I think they are talking to Rabbit Meadows. I would love if all the buns went to Rabbit Meadows. It's just odd they they are talking to each other. Last week I had asked Rabbit Meadows if they could take the aggressive one, but they told me they are full. I still can't figure out how the two got to talking. It's been over a week now and I'm still waiting. In the mean time the buns are supposed to be transitioning to timothy pellets which I'm afraid to start because if they get adopted they could be transitioned to another brand of food.

So if a rabbit shelter won't take the aggressive one what am I supposed to do with him? If I do find a no-kill shelter that will take him, most likely he will spend the rest of his life there. If you know of a shelter, or person, that would take him and give him a good life, please let me know; I am afraid of him now and won't touch him.

Here is the super sweet JT Bunn, on what I thought would be his last night with us:

My bite. The band aid below was the 2nd bite:


d. moll, said...

Such long white legs.....Most unfortunate about the aggro bun. My understanding is there is usually is a reason, if you can figure it out.....we need Bunlock Holmes on this one..... Also it can take a little while for the hormones to change all the way. It took Amelia a month and then some for her hormones to change, I could tell by the way her urine smelled. I don't know about boyz, but I'd imagine it takes some time. He may still change.

Paula said...

I would be upset too Laura, and afraid. I don't fancy the idea of being bitten under any circumstances. But maybe, just maybe D's right. I hope so, anyway.

Thank you for the lovely card. Did you make it?

PS Sending healing kisses for your boo boos.

Friend of the Animals said...

I don't think it is related to his hormones, at least not all of it. If someone wants details of the bitings I would be happy to tell the stories if it would help figure out what his deal is.

Paula, yes I made the card.

Annette F. Tait said...

Wesley has bitten me a couple of times when he first came home.
I had tried to put him into another room and he didn't want to go so he charged at me and before I knew it he had bitten me.
He is also very afraid of hands - and hands approaching him. Obviously because of the bad treatment he had had as a youngster and being dumped.
So we take it very slowly, still, 2 years later.

I think the hormones could have something to do with it unless you have changed anything else out of the blue?
What else has changed for him? Are his stitches causing him pain? Is he sore inside - was the operation upsetting for him? Ask the vet he he reacted if possible.

Don't be afraid of him but this is now th etime to show him that he is loved and cherished bun and you should sit on the floor near him - giving him space - with some tasty food near by and let him eat undisturbed and tell him out loud how much you love him and what a good boy he is.
It worked with Wesley.

However I think he may be in pain because of the operation - rabbits don't just turn aggressive for no reason what so ever, so I would talk to the vet first, then ask someone else to very carefully pick him up and gently see if he hurts in any specific place.

As far as I know tetnus shots aren't necessary if you have rabbits - only cats and dogs.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope you can solve the issue of the aggression....

Friend of the Animals said...

Annette, he bit me (didn't break skin) and lunged at me before the surgery. When I let him out for play time in the kitchen I quickly figured I couldn't be in the kitchen with him because he was just a crazy bun around me. I though having him altered would fix this, but he is worse now. He needs someone else to work with him.

Annette F. Tait said...

Hi Laura,
oh! deary me! I'm sorry.
and sorry I have had no experience with this type of aggression.
best wishes,

Rabbits' Guy said...

(Ouch!) A job for Dave????

pla725 said...

Have the vet check his eyesight. I had a agressive foster who bit me several times. Turns out he was blind in one eye. Actually he had a cataract that was surgically removed but the damage was done. He also didn't like vacuum cleaners. His adoptive family also told me that he didn't like men.

I agree that the hormones will take sometime to leave his system. Males usually take 1-2 months for all the hormones to leave.