Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rabbit needs your help

A wonderful person in Canada has taken in a sick bunny and needs our help for vet bills. I copied and pasted this from Fez's page http://some-bunny.blogspot.com/:
I only want to quickly ask that you guys take a few moments to visit a website about a special bunny named Pancakes. Pancakes lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He is approximately 2 years old, and a Netherland Dwarf bunny. He is incredibly friendly and loving. His previous owners abandoned him - with an abcess in his cheek roughly the size of a golf ball.

Now, I know many of us have dealt with our bunnies being sick. Treated them, vetted them, cared for them. Someone has luckily taken Pancakes in, to treat and care for. Unfortunately he is having difficulty with the financial aspect of treatments. You can read all about what Pancakes has had to go through on the website. I am posting here to ask people to pass it on, or to donate if you can. The website notes that you can't donate directly to the vet; however a friend of mine has called the vet directly and they will accept a credit card payment directly to be put towards Pancakes' care. The vet is: 1310 Commissioners Road WestLondon, (ON)N6K 1E1(519) 472-3770


Fez and the Gang said...

Thank you so much for passing this along Laura!!!

bunnygirl said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to post it on my blog too, as soon as Dustin gives another update, so I can pass along the most current information. I emailed him yesterday and he said he'd update last night and/or today, so I'm waiting...