Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and we have 9

Yes, 9 rabbits.

A coworker caught 2 rabbits in her yard last night. She has seen them around the neighborhood for the last week. After she caught them she went around the neighborhood to see if someone would claim them. No one did. So she called me and brought them over.

They are beautiful buns. Look healthy, but I haven't handled them. One is really scared. It's been 24 hours and she is still pretty freaked out, she didn't even eat her veggies tonight because she stays in one corner. The other has relaxed a bit.

I already have a call to a shelter that I hope will take them.

Believe it or not it's the black and white one that is really scared, I was lucky to get a picture of her eating some pellets. Took the pic outside when my friend first brought them over, but they are inside now.


d. moll, said...

You are the resident bunny resource! Spots can be a bit skittish......thanks for taking care of their welfare <3

joyce_49 said...

Your the best with the bunns. Hope they feel better about their new temp. home.

Crafty Green Poet said...

well done for carign for them, they're beautiful, specially the Spot

Rabbits' Guy said...

Phone's off the hook, internet disconnected, tweeter un tweeted, etc. etc. All condos full. 10 is a nice even number - in other words NO!

(Good luck - where were they found?)