Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trivia day!

How bout some Reno Rabbit trivia?! Sorry I have no prizes to give away, this is just for fun.

1. How many rabbits do we have right now?

2. Which bunnies came to live here first?

3. How do you tell JT and Meadow apart?

4. Who is JT named after?

5. From my list of bloggers, who do I bun-sit for?

6. When you look at Clint, what physically is wrong with him?

7. Of all our buns which bun is your favorite?


Paula said...

I'll take a stab at it:
2-gerald and clint
3-you look at their naughty bits (or lack thereof)
4-your husband?
5-easy, rabbit guy
6-his face droops but i don't mind cuz...
7-he's a special bun!

Lisa said...

Yeesh. These are tough. Mostly guesses.

1. guessing 6 permanent, maybe there's some extra fosters I don't know about...
2. Don't know
3. No idea, but Paula's idea sounds good.
4. Hm. Either Dr. John Dorian from Scrubs, or Justin Timberlake?
5. Of course, BL and RG, at houseful of rabbits.
6. There's nothing wrong with him. But, he is missing part of his ear. (I'll admit, I cheated and read your bunspace ;) )
7. The new girl Hazel is awful pretty but of course that's not the most important thing. JT seems like a fun guy.

I can't wait to hear the answers... will you post them?

Anonymous said...

I'll take a stab at this ;)
1)7 (at least when I counted before I went to work)
2)The Four Musketeers
3)One has enormous poopers
4)Joey Tribiani?
5)That place where cows roam in the streets
6)He seems to be missing lips & eyebrows...
7)I know, but I'm not telling....

Rabbits' Guy said...