Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby it's cold outside.

Well, the buns have been inside for a week. It's been a rough week.

Clint and Gerald (aka The Boys) are in the garage and were stressed at first, they are better now. Unfortunately my plan of putting them out during the day has not happened because it has been too cold during the day. So I feel bad for them because they have no running room.

Bambi and Cinnamon are doing okay, they are definitely not behaving as well as they did last time they were in the house. Bambi can't seem to leave Cinnamon alone, she keeps humping him. I think Cinnamon might be getting tired of it, he seems to be fighting back a bit. I let them out during the day, but they have to be constantly watched, which I don't have time for. Bambi already chewed the phone cord to the new phone in the living room, she also likes to eat the artificial Christmas tree. Cinnamon likes eating the plants, which I just sprayed with perfume, so we will see if that continues.

I think when Bambi and Cinnamon have their own, permanent space (probably in the office) they will be happier and we will get a better routine going. I will head over to to get advice from the gals over there. I have learned lots from them over the years. They also have some great bunny toys I will have to check out while I am there.

Those of you that have buns in the house, that are free to wander, if you have advice for me please email me at:

Here is the rabbitat this morning. Got 3 more inches of snow last night. It's been windy too.
Bambi and Cinnamon both love being under the tree. I told them not to eat baby Jesus (took me years to find a Nativity scene I liked). They are chewing on the pine cones though. Drat!

Not sure why they are both in the box, never seen them do that before.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Brrrrr .. those guys are happy to be in the house and garage! Great post .. big binkys.

We'll be anxius to see how you get the group doing well in the house!

It's snowing again .. probably have to shovel in the drive tomorrow - again!

pla725 said...

I put my tree up on a table. It stopped the chewing.