Saturday, June 6, 2009

Backyard cat has a friend

Well Max cat is still hanging around. The indoor peeing doesn't happen as often as it first did (I still have a tarp on the couch, just in case). Max has brought a friend, I named her Stormy. She has worms and I gave her medicine for it, on wet food, but she didn't eat it. I thought all outdoor cats would love wet food, lucky to get a meal even. Oh well, I will try again with different food. Stormy is more skittish than Max, but I was able to cut most of the big balls of hair off of her. Yuck what a mess she is. I brushed her this morning and she looks like a whole new cat!

It was hot this week. But indoor buns and outdoor buns did well. Outdoor buns got frozen water bottles and a fan. Indoor buns (and cats) got wet towels to lay on and a fan. Still, it was miserable for all of us.

Here is Gixr (we now call Mr Pee Pee) looking out to those he wants to beat up.


Rabbits' Guy said...

If you love them, they will come!!!! Your brood is growing!

PJ said...

You're a softy, clearly. God bless you, you're a wonder.

Friend of the Animals said...

Ah, a softie restricted by homeowners associations, City rules and money. If I had my way I would have acreage, barns and lots of rescued animals.

d. moll, said...

Ha, ha, Mr. Pee, FOA calls a spade a spade.