Sunday, October 4, 2009

Foster buns are doing well.

Thanks to all that responded to my questions. Special thanks to RG and BL at

I can't tell the babies apart. But one still wants to nurse and momma doesn't want to deal with it. She keeps hopping away, but the cage is so small she doesn't get far. Oh, now 2 babies are trying to get some milk, momma won't stay still for nothing.

We already let them out to run around (damn cage had to be cleaned already). What a hoot that was. Baby binks everywhere! Sorry no pics, camera is full. Even the momma came out. She is very good, hasn't shown any aggression at all.

Thanks again everyone!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Let's see ... I think that brings the count up to 8!!!! woot!

Friend of the Animals said...

Yes, yes. I thought of that the other day. When is the government going to come up with food stamps for critters? Seriously...

We really need to start a bunny rescue soon.