Saturday, October 17, 2009

I thought I lost this post

from last year. I was so mad it disappeared that I didn't redo it. But I found it today! It's late, but still important:
October 2006 is when we got the Reno buns. That first year was really rough, but we made it through. All buns are still healthy and happy, and two were successfully brought indoors.

Unfortunately so many terrible things have happened to almost all the other Reno Rabbits, at least if you believe everything you read. It makes me not trust shelters, especially Best Friends. I hate that I will never know the truth. I makes it hard to look back at the day we picked up our rabbits as a happy thought, when I really just have a heavy heart and wish I could have taken them all.

Here is a look back at Bambi, Cinnamon, Clint and Gerald's first few days with us:

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