Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dang, it's hot

The rabbits are miserable, the cats are miserable,and yes, the humans are miserable too. It's about 85 outside, and 80 in the house. Yuck.

Bambi and Cinnamon had free run of the house most of the day yesterday. Bambi decided to put on her big girl panties and ventured out of the bathroom. She figured it wasn't so bad since discovering how yummy house plants are....

all yummy house plants have since been moved.

I am concerned about a little pice of stitch that may be poking or have potential to poke Bambi's eye. I will call the vet Monday.


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FrecklesandDeb said...

Don't you hate being hot??? It was 101 degrees here on Saturday. Sheesh! We live in the Pacific Northwest for gosh sakes. Everyone looks like their doing well at your place -- even with the heat.