Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Bambi is our 2nd Frankenbunny. Cinnamon was our first when he had 3 abscesses in his face that were lanced and drained. Yuck.

Anyway, Bambi did really well today. She has 2 stitches. She has pain medication too! Her and Cinnamon are inside and are doing as well as can be, both very active, maybe a bit too active. Unfortunately Cinnamon is cleaning Bambi's head and I'm worried he will bite the stitches or irritate the wound. Bambi doesn't have a collar, but may need one. I have to keep a close watch on the stitches and eyeball because the doc wasn't sure the eyelid was completely closing and there may still be some exposed eyeball, but right now it looks good.


Anonymous said...

wow what an amazing bun, she's a trooper

d. moll, said...

Her eye does look better. We hope for a full recovery with no complications!