Saturday, June 21, 2008

July 2007

July 6, 2007
How unusual is it that when Cinnamon was living in the house for a week and a half, that he never chewed on anything (except a few plants)??!! How unusual that he only used his litter box, NEVER peed or pooped anywhere else??!! (I never trained any of them to use a box, I just put the boxes where they pee the most....).

I let him go where ever he wanted, the only time he was confined (to the bathroom) was at night, and during the day when we were at work. He didn't even care about the cats!! He even thought my peach ice cream smelled wonderful and tried to stick his nose in the bowl!

After a week and a half I put Cinnamon back in with Bambi, outside, they started chasing each other (do they forget they used to get along). So I brought them both in, introduced them to a place neither has been (laundry room), and rebonded them. They stayed in the laundry room for 3 days, then I put them back outside.

Cinnamon still comes in every night for his shot. Sometimes I let him run around the house for a bit afterwards (but not too long because I have no box for him now). Last night he did a binki. I have seen him do binki's in the house before, but never outside.

I think Cinnamon is a house bunny at heart.

The bugs and bees don't seem to be as bad these last few weeks, not sure why. The fans are helping keep everything off the buns too.

July 13, 2007
But do you think a rabbit cares if he gets into trouble??!!

After Bambi's big dig, and I filled it up, she hasn't dug since.

Clint has been digging but just a little here and there (as soon as I fill them up he is right back at it).

Yesterday I come home (after being in the car for 2 hours stuck in traffic because of an accident) and I see Cinnamon running/jumping/fighting with Clint and Gerald. I run out to the rabbitat, with my husband behind me, go into the rabbitat and everything stops and Cinnamon disappears back to his side. That damn Clint dug a hole in front of the piece of wood that divides the rabbitat. Does Cinnamon like to get beat up or what?

I didn't see any visible injuries to anyone. I put a brick in the hole and filled it back up. My husband didn't think they were at it long, he would have noticed when he got home.

I think it drives Clint crazy that there are rabbits on the other side of the wall. There is a little space where he can see them, and he likes to poop there. When I am in the house I can see Clint looking through the tiny space. Gerald could care less, he just sits on his chair all day, just like an old man (hence the name Gerald).

Waskly wabbits!

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