Saturday, June 21, 2008

August 2006

Almost done building the rabbitat. You can see that most of it is raised, and they have access to a little grassy part (which already flooded once from too much rain!).

After a month of having them we covered the wood floor with tile because they pee everywhere. It is always covered with layer of straw, and they have blankets.

The wire that surrounds the rabbitat is hardware cloth. It goes down 1 foot into the ground. The hardware cloth was a requirement from the shelter we adopted them from, so raccoons and other animals can't get in. It was also a requirement to put the hardware cloth down into the ground because rabbits dig (and Bambi is a digger!).

When we first built the babbitat we made it so the roof didn't cover the entire rabbitat. I had a vision that the buns would get some sunlight in the summer. We eventually had to put a tarp on it because of the rain and cold. The tarp became a problem, so we build the rest of the roof this summer.

We can see the rabbitat from our kitchen and bedroom.

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