Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gerald before and after

Here is a picture of Gerald, just after he was rescued:

Here is Gerald at his forever home with us:

Though he shows no visible scars now, he is shy, doesn't like to be pet or held. He still runs from me, unless I have food. I kept his name that the shelter gave him, Gerald. It suits him, he is like a old man, just likes to be left alone, sitting in his chair.

This morning I noticed he has a runny eye again. So the pasteurella is still in his system. I will probably be putting him back on medication in the next day or two.


furrybutts said...

Hope your eye gets better soon, Gerald :)

mum of critters said...

he looks much better than in that first pic - well loved and cared for obviously! his attitude reminds me of my archi ann - and he's a dutchie too - they are cool bunnies... aw heck they're all cool
hope his eye heals fast

PJ said...

The second photo says it all. There's really no comparison. Well done.